The power to not play

These past few days have been extremely interesting with two very different situations leading to sport teams standing up and walking out until change occurs.

In Missouri, the football team declared they were not going to practice or play until the president of the university stepped down. The strong stance was in response to racial tension at the school and it worked, with the president soon resigning.

Meanwhile, in a situation that may not have had as important motivation but was no less revelatory, the entire roster of the OHL's Flint Firebirds quit after their coaching staff was fired, forcing team management to back-peddle and re-instate.

Like the VICE article details, these incidents are nearly unprecedented. Perhaps the only surprising fact is that situations like this, with teams taking a united stand against what they feel is not right, are not happening more often, especially in environments like college sports and junior hockey.

That door is now wide open. What happens next?


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